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1. Another venue in New Haven.

2. 100 Demons Demo tape.

3. For Die My Will to finish and release the 5 songs they've been sitting on for years.

4. A faithful theatrical adaptation of Tolkien's The Fall of Gondolin but the full version with all the crazy World War 1 imagery and giant mechanical dragons, not the one from the Silmarillion.

5. For the KOTOR remake to not suck.


This year I somehow managed to convince my folks to get me a really nice 4k OLED TV for my PS5, so that's dope. I also have to shout out my sister for managing to find 4 jars of Sclafani sweet fried peppers, which I use in a steak and rice dish and haven't seen in over a year due to pandemic supply chain issues. My autistic ass can't use any other peppers and having one of my safe foods again after so long has been amazing. Neurodivergent gang knows exactly what I'm talking about.


Pretty chill this year. Had a get-together with cousins, aunts, and uncles on my mom's side at my house then went upstate to another get-together with family on my dad's side, which is where I am now. Having an alright time, though being straight edge in a big Italian family is typically a little awkward during the holidays, especially when new people notice I'm just vibing while sipping water or soda.

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